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Yearly Savings

Home buyers save ~$2,500 per year on utility costs, saving ~$75,000 over their mortgage.

Lower Utility Cost

Home buyers decrease their utility bill by over 90% with energy efficient upgrades.

Carbon Offset

5,000 lbs of carbon emissions are saved for each home buyer that goes green.

Trees Saved

Home buyers decrease their carbon footprint by more than 100 trees annually.


Proxy uses an AMEX style spend card to help home buyers become energy efficient.

Leveraging the power of green mortgages, Proxy makes clean energy upgrades accessible to homebuyers.

Card Benefits

Proxy Partner Network

Get preferred pricing with trusted partners on any qualified energy efficient upgrade.

30% Off MSRP

Through our partner network, users can benefit from savings up to 30% off MSRP.

Tax credits and rebates

Users can opt-in to use purchase information to help receive tax credits and rebates through government programs.

Proxy Mobile

Streamlines the buying process

Get recommended the most optimal energy efficient package to fit your home and budget.

Energy Efficiency Analytics

Get insight into energy efficiency statistics and estimated utility savings.

Government Incentive Programs

Proxy displays all possible government incentive programs available in your area, to ensure you get the most savings possible.

Eligible Green Upgrades

Energy Star Appliances

Explore energy-efficient appliances that reduce emissions and save money, ideal for environmentally conscious homebuyers.

Solar Systems

Tap into the sun's power with solar systems for homes, offering renewable energy that cuts emissions and saves on costs.

Roofing & Weatherization

A new roof, especially when combined with weatherization upgrades, improves a home's insulation, and reduces energy loss.

Smart HVAC Units

HVAC systems control indoor temperature and air quality in homes, ensuring comfortable and healthy environments.

Water Pumps

Energy-efficient systems transfer heat, providing home heating and cooling with reduced electricity usage for lower bills.

Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows reduce air escape, lowering energy needs, emissions, and homeowners' utility costs.

Home Insulation

Added home insulation boosts thermal efficiency, cuts heating and cooling energy, bringing eco-friendly benefits and savings.

Smart Home & Lighting

Smart home products  optimize energy usage, reduce waste, promote eco-friendliness, and offer significant savings.

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